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Creme of the Crop Dachshunds - English Cream Miniature Dachshunds

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Creme of the Crop Dachshunds - English Cream Miniature Dachshunds

Bringing healthy, beautiful, luxurious longhair English Cream Miniature Dachshund puppies into this world to become one of your most treasured and memorable pet is our dream.  All of our puppies are raised with love and receive the best possible care from the moment they are born until they leave for their forever homes.  Our parents are AKC breeding stock and are in perfect health with a clean health history; have loving, kind, caring temperaments; excellent pedigrees with Championship lineage (British and Canadian English Cream Miniature Dachshund bloodlines); and have a unique beauty that has become the signature look of our puppies and parents. All of our future moms are examined by our vet right before a planned pairing and are only bred per our vet’s approval.

All Crème of the Crop puppies are born at our home in their puppy nursery. Our nursery is monitored with cameras 24/7 for constant supervision day and night secluded from all of our other dogs for the first precious eight weeks of life. Each mommy and her babies have their own separate room within our puppy nursery. This provides a quiet, clam, safe atmosphere for both the puppies and their mom.  I keep soothing electronic background sounds for their comfort on at all times which I have set to muffle any loud household sounds to give the puppies and mom a calm, secluded, safe environment to nurse her puppies over the next four weeks where she lovingly dotes on her puppies giving them constant care and affection. We don't start socializing household and other sounds until our puppies are 3-4 weeks old.  I place clean training pads down for the puppies and  mom to keep their whelping area in our puppy nursery clean when she needs to potty and take short breaks. She has a special place in her whelping area where she can rest and see her puppies  when she needs a break and can easily return when she’s ready to go back to her puppies where she provides all the care that they need to develop wonderfully while they rest, nurture, and grow.  I also have a puppy camera on the puppies 24 hours a day 7 days a week which I monitor on my cell phone at all times when I’m not in the room during the day and while I’m sleeping beside them during the night.  It keeps me from having to turn a light on to check on the puppies and mom throughout the night which avoids disturbing them as well.  We also don’t disturb my husband during the night as he’s resting for the next day’s work nor does my husband disturb the new puppies and mom when he gets ready for work and leaves for the day.  These cameras are also accessible to the public, so everyone can enjoy seeing all of our newborn puppies as they grow over the next 8 -9 weeks by clicking on our live streaming puppy cameras at the top of each of our website pages to enjoy some live Puppy TV!

Crème of the Crop Dachshunds Breeder Nursery Photo

When our puppies begin to walk easily, I start taking them to our larger interactive play areas in our puppy nursery to play which includes a baby gym, wobble board, tunnels, hammock swing bed, slides, toys with various noises, and many other different types of fabrics and toys to socialize and stimulate neurological and physical learning in an appropriate way with potty pads along with plenty of soft puppy safe toys to play with for short periods of time several times a day.  When they become tired, I return mom and her puppies back to their whelping area to get the proper rest that they need.  I keep my puppies and the mother on a regular schedule and put them to bed for the night at the same time every night so the puppies are familiar with a regular bedtime routine from birth until they leave our home.  This has been very helpful for their new forever families because the puppies are trained to go to bed and sleep in their beds when the lights are turned off.  By five weeks of age, the puppies are not confined to the secure pen in the puppy nursery, but are free to explore and play in the entire puppy nursery that resembles a baby day care full of all sorts of engaging toys of all kinds to stimulate our puppy’s interests and prevents boredom.  Relaxing in our recliners, we enjoy playing and supervising the puppies during playtime along with TV time.  Our nursery is located in the center of our home within easy hearing of all the normal household noises.  We implement our AV system for playing unfamiliar noises, different genres of music, and calming music to relax them throughout the day.  We begin the weaning process at 4 - 5 weeks depending on the development of each litter. At 6 weeks of age, the puppies stay in the puppy nursery all day and return to their own puppy nursery bedrooms at bedtime to sleep in their beds.  Once the puppies are completely weaned from their mother, they sleep in the numerous beds with blankets in their puppy nursery until they leave our home.  We never let our puppies go outside or touch the ground while in our care due to the various diseases and parasites that thrive in the ground that they could be exposed, and we don’t recommend our clients to do so either until their puppy has been fully vaccinated.  Also, at 6 weeks of age, we start bringing them into our great room, keeping room, and foyer of our home to play in different areas of the house to desensitize the puppies to everyday sounds and activities.  We are aware of the importance of de-worming our puppies to prevent parasites.  Our puppies are de-wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks during their time in our home.  We are also aware of the importance of sanitizing all areas where the puppies sleep and play.  I daily steam clean these areas to avoid using harsh chemicals, wash all food and water bowls daily, provide clean beds, blankets, and toys daily as well.  Our puppies are bathed once a week along with their weekly nail trims and having their teeth brushed.  We believe in the importance of cleanliness for the health of our puppies and parents!

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The weaning process is very important for babies, and we begin with a “gruel” mix made from softened puppy kibble mixed with goat’s milk around 3-4 weeks of age.  We gradually thicken the gruel as they age, so that by the time their puppy teeth are in around 6 -7 weeks of age they can start eating small hard puppy kibble safely.  We recommend Diamond Naturals small breed puppy food which can be bought at Tractor Supply and ordered online.   Each of our puppies is evaluated before they leave our homes to determine if they are ready for their forever homes.  We make sure that each puppy is eating hard kibble and drinking water properly and safely before leaving our home. At 6 weeks of age, we take our puppies to our veterinarian for their first round of puppy shots and a full health examination with a letter from our vet stating our puppies are in perfect health without any abnormalities. If your puppy is ready to go home at 8 weeks, as a new puppy parent you are welcome to arrange a pick up time for your new Dream Crème!  You are now a member of the “Crème of the Crop Dachshunds’” Family!  You have a lifetime of love and support for your exquisite Dream Crème puppy and answers to any questions and an abundance of information when needed.  We are always available for questions.  Seeing the overwhelming love on our puppy’s new parents’ faces when they see their puppy for the first time is one of the most magical moments of all time.  Bringing these precious puppies into the world is our passion and joy, and seeing the happiness that they bring others is why we do what we do!  We hope to continue to bring our Dream Crème babies into the world for others to enjoy as much as we love and enjoy them. All of our babies are forever in our hearts!  We love seeing photos and videos and hearing about your puppy as he/she grows!  Please keep in touch!

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