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Welcome to our Nursery!

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Welcome to our Crème of the Crop Dachshunds’
“Dream Crème” Puppy Nursery

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   We offer a variety of socialization, enrichment activities, mental and physical interactive play, and plenty of rest for all of our precious "Dream Creme" babies!

  Elsa and Raya's exquisite babies are available for viewing NOW!  Puccini's adorable babies will be available for viewing November 30th.  Versace and Piper's gorgeous babies will be available for viewing January 15th.  Our Dream Creme Puppy Nursery will be full of puppies through March!  I'm so excited for our viewers to share in all the precious puppy love as we watch these new babies in all their stages of development!  Beautiful things are happening right before our eyes, and we love sharing this magical time with others who share in loving our babies as much as we do.  We are so honored that we have many people watching and enjoying following our beautiful babies in their journey. 

  Our cameras are currently  operating so you can get a glimpse of our large puppy nursery.  You can also view our pet dachshunds occasionally  since they have access to our nursery when we don't have  new born litters in the nursery.    

Once our new litters are born, we will activate additional cameras for each litter for viewing, and they will remain on our new born puppies 24/7 until the last puppy leaves with their forever family (9 weeks after birth).
Keep smiling and enjoying all the puppy love!

All of our puppies grow up in a warm and loving environment right in our home! Hopefully, our live stream puppy cameras will give you an insightful peek into our “Dream Crème” Puppy Nursery and teach you a bit more about our newborn puppies and what to expect from birth until each one leaves for their forever homes at 9 weeks of age. Each camera will keep you abreast of the everyday happenings with each litter.

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Puppy Cam1 - Raya and Kai's Stunning Litter Born October 21, 2022

Raya & Kai's Litter Photos:

Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Black & Tan Puppy Otto 8
Raya and Kai’s stunning babies are 10 days old today and all doing fabulous! They are so precious and such a blessing. Little Otto says “hi” to his Mommy Judith. This Black and Cream baby boy is going to be traveling to Miami, Florida to enjoy a wonderful beach life. 🏖 💚
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Shaded Cream Male Puppy Colin 3
Gorgeous Shaded Cream Baby Boy Colin is Raya and Kai’s first shaded cream baby! He’s coloring is beautiful. He is the pick of the litter for a boy, and his Daddy Scott is totally smitten with him. He has already sent a care box full of toys and puppy goodies for him to enjoy. Colin will be living in NYC! We can’t wait to see all his adventures in the Big Apple! ✨🥰
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Black & Cream Puppy Brewer 4
Surprise! Here is another one of Raya’s Black and Cream beautiful boys! She has some breathtaking babies. This little guy is Brewer! As a beach girl, I love this-after Brewers Bay Beach on St. Thomas. Brewer will be enjoying island beach life in South Carolina 🏖️ ❤️🐶. Oh, the fun he is going to have with his wonderful new Mommy Jennifer! Mommy Jennifer is also adding a new girl hopefully soon from us to add as a playmate for Brewer! We’re looking forward to many adventures to come…🖤🤍🖤
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Cream Female Puppy Ellie 7
Raya’s one little princess 👑 Eleanor is such a precious baby girl. She is going to be joining her full brother Theodore (Teddy) in Key West! Ellie’s Mommy Pat is over the moon 🌙 for her. She’s waited a year for Teddy’s sister to be born. Ellie is also the pick of the litter. I’m so excited about all of the future adventures of Teddy and Ellie, the cat, and the lizards 🦎 they will bring to Mommy as a gift! We have another beach 🏖 baby going to a fabulous home which is one of our repeat customers. Congratulations Pat on your new Princess Ellie! 🥳👑💛
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Black & Cream Male Puppy 5

Raya’s third gorgeous Black and Cream baby boy is our Mr. Personality at the moment! His Mommy and Daddy are currently picking out a beautiful Spanish or Portuguese name for him to add to “de la Creme.” I’m in favor of the sound of the Portuguese names. It’s such a beautiful language. I’m excited to see what they will decide. This handsome boy is staying in Texas with his new forever family. They are also adding a shaded cream female from us to their family next year! We’re so excited for them. It’s going to be such fun watching these five babies grow and change over the next 7 and a half weeks! Everyone is welcome to join their families and watch all the stages of their puppy development on our live puppy cameras available for viewing 24/7 on our website. Congratulations Mommy Judy on your adorable baby boy!!! 🥳🖤🤍🐾

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Puppy Cam 2 - Large Puppy Nursery 

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Puppy Cam 3 - Elsa and Pacino's Beautiful Litter Born October 22, 2022

Elsa & Paccino's Litter Photos:

Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Cream Femal Puppy Blossom 2
Beautiful Blossom has such gorgeous long blonde eye lashes! She’s such a sweetheart. She was interested in nursing of course… lol. Her mother has waited for this little angel for about 2 1/2 years. Excitement is an understatement…. Her Mommy Donna is so in love with Blossom already! Blossom will be living in Texas City, Texas! She’s staying in her home state! Congratulations Mommy Donna on your precious “ Dream Creme” baby girl! 🐾💕🐾💕
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Cream Puppy Cashew 3
Darling Cashew is such a stunning Platinum Blonde baby boy! 😍. He’s the smallest and lightest out of his siblings. He is absolutely adorable, and his Mommy Katelyn (another gorgeous Platinum Blonde) is going quit smitten with him as well. He’s a little Mr. personality as well… lol. Congratulations to you Katelyn on your precious baby! Cashew is going to be living in Miami, Florida. We have more beach 🏖 babies!♥️🐶🐾♥️
Creme of the Crop Miniature Dachshunds - Cream Female Puppy Ellie 7
Elsa’s stunning baby girl Ellie is such a easy going baby. She slept while I took her pictures. Such a sweetheart 💕. Ellie is going to Utah to live with her Mommy Lacy on her horse ranch! I see lots of fun adventures ahead for this little doll! 💕🤩💕🤩 
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Puppy Cam 4 - Large Puppy Nursery

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Puppy Cam 5 - Puccini & Kai's Litter Due November 28th - 30th

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Our Dream Crème Puppy Cams:

We have a camera for each of our mommies that have current babies in our Puppy Nursery.  These cameras will remain on 24/7 from the day the puppies are born until the last puppy leaves with their forever Crème of the Crop families (8 weeks after birth).  Unfortunately, due to power outages or a situation our of our control (i.e. internet being down) our cameras may at times be temporarily not accessible for viewing  However, the camera will be up just as soon as possible, so please be patient for these unexpected issues.  I will do my best to have all the cameras up and running for every litter in our nursey for viewing at your convenience.   Even if you’re up in the middle of the night, please feel free to watch our live Puppy TV!

Our cameras are located on the top side of each whelping box area for up close streaming of each one of our new litters.  As the puppies grow and venture out into each puppy bedroom’s individual play area, I will adjust the camera to stay on the puppies wherever they may be during the 8 weeks in the nursery.  Once they are old enough to play in our largest play area, the cameras will be adjusted for your viewing at all times regardless of where each litter is playing/sleeping in our “Dream Crème” Nursery.  Our future puppy families will be following their puppy mom’s cameras, but are also welcome to follow any of the new litters currently in our nursery.  Each litter will be assigned to its own camera.  We also welcome all to watch live streaming of our Crème of the Crop babies if you just love English Cream Miniature Dachshunds and want to watch them as they grow and develop before they leave for their new families.  All are welcome, and we hope you enjoy these precious miracles and find these moments just as magical as we do.

We will post when and what cameras are active throughout the year as we have new litters in our Puppy Nursery at the top of this page.  Please check back frequently for camera updates and to see what cameras are active with current new puppy litters to watch in our nursery now!  It’s so easy to fall in love with these precious little gems. Watching these beauties grow into swans in just 8 short weeks is an amazing experience as well as an enjoyable one that we are happy and blessed to share with others who share our love for the English Cream Miniature Dachshund breed as well and have never experienced this precious time in a puppy’s life.   When the Nursery is empty, the cameras will be turned off until we have new litters.  For privacy, you are able to view the puppies, but the sound will be turned off while the cameras are online.  I hope you enjoy our breathtaking “Dream Cremes” as much as we love them.  I pray that watching these beautiful babies grow and mature brings a smile to your face and joy to your hearts!

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Interesting Information Regarding the Neurological, Emotional, and Physical Development of Our Puppies from Birth until 8 Weeks of Age.

I feel that it’s helpful to better appreciate each stage in our puppies development week by week as your join us for live puppy streaming from our puppy cameras by learning a little information about what to expect each week of our puppies’ lives.  I have included interesting information for you to peruse as you enjoy watching our newborns as they grow into the playful bundles of joy that will continues to learn and grow long after they leave our home.  A puppy‘s relationships with their mother and littermates during the first 8 weeks of their life determine their personality and what kind of companion they’ll be for your family. Our puppy and its littermates will test one another and learn when to be dominant or submissive. For most of this period, their mother will provide for their basic needs, teaching them discipline and how to play.

Nature has given most canine mothers an instinctive nurturing ability. Of course, our mother herself is healthy, secure and disciplined. If she is stressed or overbred, her ability to nurture her litter will be severely compromised. As responsible breeders, we support the mother and provide a warm, quiet environment.

Puppies develop rapidly. At birth, they are blind and deaf. They can’t eliminate on their own, nor can they regulate their body heat. But they grow so quickly that you can witness their progress from day to day. Here is a basic guide which I feel to be helpful for new prospective Crème of The Crop puppy families to become more knowledgeable about a puppy’s first few weeks of life which we are happy to share with people all over the world as they click on the different links for each of our Crème of the Crop mommies and their new babies.  This is such a magical time where a tremendous amount of neurological, emotional, and physical development takes place as well as important socialization for each one of our “Dream Crème” puppies here at our Crème of the Crop “Dream Crème” Nursery!

Weeks 1 - 8:

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