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Welcome to our Nursery!

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Welcome to our Crème of the Crop Dachshunds’
“Dream Crème” Puppy Nursery

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   We offer a variety of socialization, enrichment activities, mental and physical interactive play, and plenty of rest for all of our precious "Dream Creme" babies!

  Puccini and Versace's exquisite babies are available for viewing NOW!  Piper's adorable babies will be available for viewing January 17th.  Lemon and Kai's future babies will be available for viewing March 25th.  Our Dream Creme Puppy Nursery will be full of puppies through May!  I'm so excited for our viewers to share in all the precious puppy love as we watch these new babies in all their stages of development!  Beautiful things are happening right before our eyes, and we love sharing this magical time with others who share in loving our babies as much as we do.  We are so honored that we have many people watching and enjoying following our beautiful babies in their journey. 

  Our cameras are currently  operating so you can get a glimpse of our large puppy nursery.  You can also view our pet dachshunds occasionally  since they have access to our nursery when we don't have  new born litters in the nursery.    

Once our new litters are born, we will activate additional cameras for each litter for viewing, and they will remain on our new born puppies 24/7 until the last puppy leaves with their forever family (9 weeks after birth).
Keep smiling and enjoying all the puppy love!

All of our puppies grow up in a warm and loving environment right in our home! Hopefully, our live stream puppy cameras will give you an insightful peek into our “Dream Crème” Puppy Nursery and teach you a bit more about our newborn puppies and what to expect from birth until each one leaves for their forever homes at 9 weeks of age. Each camera will keep you abreast of the everyday happenings with each litter.

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Puppy Cam1 - Versace and Biscotti's Stunning Litter Born January 11, 2023

Versace & Biscotti's Litter Photos:


Look who’s eyes 👀 are opening! Monkee is such a little angel! He’s another one of Versace and Biscotti’s gorgeous babies. I wonder which ones or if any are going to have some blue eyes or blue specks in their eyes. I can tell by his nose that he’s most likely a hidden dapple boy, but time will tell. Biscotti’s puppies noses full is after several weeks due to the dapple gene. All of his past 10 babies have been stunning 🤩 Monkee will be making his forever home in Miami, Florida with many of our previous Creme of the Crop Dachshunds’s babies. Congratulations to Mommy Erica on your precious baby boy! 🥰🥳😘


Coconut is another stunning ee cream boy from Versace and Biscotti’s litter. His peepers are about to open; he’s just adorable! 🥰 Excited to watch these babies change so quickly over the next few weeks! Coconut 🥥 is going to be staying here in Texas! We have another Creme of the Crop Dachshunds’ baby to add to the many others in the Dallas area. Congratulations to Mommy Monnie! He’s a doll. Don’t blink! Next week they will look like completely different babies!🥰😘🐾♥️


Gorgeous London is a beautiful girl from Versace and Biscotti’s litter. She’s such a sweetheart! London is going to her forever home in Virginia! Her Mommy Kelli is totally smitten with her and such a big help to me monitoring our cameras 🎥 and send me screenshots of the babies. I love it!

Congratulations Mommy Kelli on your beautiful baby girl! 💗💗💗

Olive 🫒 is another exquisite girl from Versace and Biscotti’s litter. She is the pol. I’m curious to see if she has any blue in her eyes 👀. Her nose is looking like she’s a hidden dapple. When I see the freckles and the pigments slowly fill in, that’s a dapple trait. Time will tell. They are going to change so much in just the next 7 days! Gorgeous Olive 🫒 is going to be making Colorado her forever home. We have several babies there. Congratulations to Mommy Ann on your precious Angel 😇💗🐾


Versace and Biscotti’s shaded cream boy Hank is going to joining a repeat customer’s family with his cousin Willie! Hank is a beautiful lightly shaded cream boy with a gorgeous white blaze on his chest. He’s very striking 😍. He will also be staying in Texas and making his forever home in Houston, Texas. He may can plan some okay dates with Milo and Maizie once all are fully vetted! Congratulations Mommy Haley! 🐾🥰♥️🐶


Polly is such a stunning Dapple Shaded Cream baby girl out of Versace and Biscotti’s litters. Her shading is so light and her eyes are open. Actually, all of their eyes are open as of yesterday! This little beauty is also making her forever home in Texas close to Dallas! I’m so excited to see more of our puppies staying in Texas! Polly’s Mommy Lorena is completely smitten with her beautiful baby girl! Congratulations! 💗🥳🐶🐾

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Puppy Cam 2 - Large Puppy Nursery (Puccicni and Kai's Babies)

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Puppy Cam 3 - Puccini and Kai's Beautiful Litter Born November 30, 2022

Puccini & Kai's Litter Photos:

Creme of the Crop Dachshund Puppy - Daphne 2
Daphne is a lovely, lively girl who brings us so much joy! She’s ready to join her half brother and Mommy Jennifer in South Carolina. We can’t wait to see her beach 🏖️ life adventures with her brother Brewer and her new family. We love her and will miss her. She is a blessing for sure. Her Mommy Jennifer and new Daddy do a fantastic job socializing and offering a variety of enrichment activities. Mommy Jennifer has graciously offered to share her videos of her home among others to help our new families as they go through the adoption process. Thank you so much Jennifer!💗🐾💗🐾
Creme of the Crop Dachshund Puppy - Mylah 6

Mylah is such a beautiful, energetic, playful baby girl. As you can see, she’s playing with the tassels while I’m trying to take her pictures. Lol 😂 She’s a hoot to watch and interact with. She’s going home a week from today with her new Mommy Nancy who is so excited to get her baby. Mommy has been preparing months before Mylah was born from the handouts on our New Puppy Parents page on our website. She also purchased the online puppy school and has studied it so much she can teach the class! Mylah is already so loved and will be flying home to Ohio at 9 weeks of age next week. We love her so much, and are so excited for her to start all of her many adventures with her new family. We’re all exciting meet you in person Mommy Nancy!! Here’s your baby girl today saying hello! 💗💗💗💗💗

Creme of the Crop Dachshund Puppy - Milo 7

Gorgeous Milo is such a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and play. He’s going with his sister Maizie to live in Houston, Texas. We’re so excited that he and his sister will be living so close to us! Their Mommy Carina is super excited and can’t wait to meet her boy! ♥️🥰♥️🥰

Creme of the Crop Dachshund Puppy - Maize 4

Stunning Maizie is the smallest in her litter, but she’s a tough little firecracker! She loves to cuddle with Mommy Leslie and can get her siblings on the run if they get a little rough with her. She’s such a smart, loving baby. Belly rubs put her right to sleep 💤. She’s going to be starting her new life with her brother Milo with her new Mommy Carina. She will stay a Texas girl! 💗💗💗

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Puppy Cam 4 - Large Puppy Nursery (Puccini and Kai's Babies)

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Puppy Cam 5 - Piper & Kai's Litter Expected January 17, 2022

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Our Dream Crème Puppy Cams:

We have a camera for each of our mommies that have current babies in our Puppy Nursery.  These cameras will remain on 24/7 from the day the puppies are born until the last puppy leaves with their forever Crème of the Crop families (8 weeks after birth).  Unfortunately, due to power outages or a situation our of our control (i.e. internet being down) our cameras may at times be temporarily not accessible for viewing  However, the camera will be up just as soon as possible, so please be patient for these unexpected issues.  I will do my best to have all the cameras up and running for every litter in our nursey for viewing at your convenience.   Even if you’re up in the middle of the night, please feel free to watch our live Puppy TV!

Our cameras are located on the top side of each whelping box area for up close streaming of each one of our new litters.  As the puppies grow and venture out into each puppy bedroom’s individual play area, I will adjust the camera to stay on the puppies wherever they may be during the 8 weeks in the nursery.  Once they are old enough to play in our largest play area, the cameras will be adjusted for your viewing at all times regardless of where each litter is playing/sleeping in our “Dream Crème” Nursery.  Our future puppy families will be following their puppy mom’s cameras, but are also welcome to follow any of the new litters currently in our nursery.  Each litter will be assigned to its own camera.  We also welcome all to watch live streaming of our Crème of the Crop babies if you just love English Cream Miniature Dachshunds and want to watch them as they grow and develop before they leave for their new families.  All are welcome, and we hope you enjoy these precious miracles and find these moments just as magical as we do.

We will post when and what cameras are active throughout the year as we have new litters in our Puppy Nursery at the top of this page.  Please check back frequently for camera updates and to see what cameras are active with current new puppy litters to watch in our nursery now!  It’s so easy to fall in love with these precious little gems. Watching these beauties grow into swans in just 8 short weeks is an amazing experience as well as an enjoyable one that we are happy and blessed to share with others who share our love for the English Cream Miniature Dachshund breed as well and have never experienced this precious time in a puppy’s life.   When the Nursery is empty, the cameras will be turned off until we have new litters.  For privacy, you are able to view the puppies, but the sound will be turned off while the cameras are online.  I hope you enjoy our breathtaking “Dream Cremes” as much as we love them.  I pray that watching these beautiful babies grow and mature brings a smile to your face and joy to your hearts!

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Interesting Information Regarding the Neurological, Emotional, and Physical Development of Our Puppies from Birth until 8 Weeks of Age.

I feel that it’s helpful to better appreciate each stage in our puppies development week by week as your join us for live puppy streaming from our puppy cameras by learning a little information about what to expect each week of our puppies’ lives.  I have included interesting information for you to peruse as you enjoy watching our newborns as they grow into the playful bundles of joy that will continues to learn and grow long after they leave our home.  A puppy‘s relationships with their mother and littermates during the first 8 weeks of their life determine their personality and what kind of companion they’ll be for your family. Our puppy and its littermates will test one another and learn when to be dominant or submissive. For most of this period, their mother will provide for their basic needs, teaching them discipline and how to play.

Nature has given most canine mothers an instinctive nurturing ability. Of course, our mother herself is healthy, secure and disciplined. If she is stressed or overbred, her ability to nurture her litter will be severely compromised. As responsible breeders, we support the mother and provide a warm, quiet environment.

Puppies develop rapidly. At birth, they are blind and deaf. They can’t eliminate on their own, nor can they regulate their body heat. But they grow so quickly that you can witness their progress from day to day. Here is a basic guide which I feel to be helpful for new prospective Crème of The Crop puppy families to become more knowledgeable about a puppy’s first few weeks of life which we are happy to share with people all over the world as they click on the different links for each of our Crème of the Crop mommies and their new babies.  This is such a magical time where a tremendous amount of neurological, emotional, and physical development takes place as well as important socialization for each one of our “Dream Crème” puppies here at our Crème of the Crop “Dream Crème” Nursery!

Weeks 1 - 8:

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